January 17, 2022 - February 28, 2022


What is The Challenge?

The St. Luke’s FitOne Challenge is a six-week challenge that encourages the community to stay healthy and active year round. It's free and encourages movement, healthy eating and positive mental energy. Participants log their healthy ‘wins’ through RunSignUp for a chance to earn some awesome prizes. You will also be given exclusive access to join our online challenge community where you can connect with other challenge participants, share their journey, and share ideas and tips! 

As a participant, you'll receive:

  • Weekly emails with recipes, movement & mental health tips
  • Exclusive access to our online challenge community
  • Opportunities to win prizes

How Does it Work?

Register for free through runsignup.com and set your own health goals. Each day, you'll log on to your RunSignUp account to log your movement, activities and successes. Each time you log your movement through RunSignUp, you will be entered to win prizes. 

Learn how to log your movement in RunSignUp

BONUS: Share wins and photos through RunSignUp or in our online community for more prize entries.

Challenge FAQs

Can all ages participate?

We encourage families to stay active together. However, participants must be 18 or older to register, join our online community, and be eligible for prizes.

How much movement do I have to do each day?

This is entirely up to you! You set your own goals based on your current health and ability. Your goal could be as little as opting to take the stairs every day to as big as running a few miles each day. As long as you are doing more than you were yesterday you are doing great!

I don't have Facebook, is there somewhere else I can share my photos and successes?

Yes absolutely! You will be able to share through your runsignup.com account or you can always send us an email at fitoneinfo@slhs.org

Where do I complete the challenge?

The beauty of a virtual challenge is, you can complete the challenge wherever and whenever you like! Inside or outside. In your neighborhood or hit the foothills. You get to make this work for you. We do however insist you stay safe by observing all local, state and federal social distancing orders as well as respecting any closures, mask requirements or social distancing rules. Also if you're not feeling well or experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, it's best you stay home, rest and seek medical attention if necessary.