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What’s your system of accountability?

, by Mike Hildebrandt, Axiom Fitness

Starting a fitness program can be challenging, frustrating and downright intimidating for most people.  A great coach/trainer and proper system of accountability can make all the difference, setting you up for success.  Coaching/accountability is just one pillar of fitness.

There is a HUGE accountability issue when it comes to proper exercise and nutrition.  Everybody that has set goals to accomplish should have a system of accountability to answer to on a weekly basis, at a minimum, or a daily basis ideally.  Friends and family members can help with support however, studies show that those who have a fitness professional to report to are more successful at accomplishing goals.  Reflecting on personal performance and adherence to nutrition guidelines, exercise recommendations and supplement prescription on a frequent basis will allow for changes to be implemented in a timely fashion.

Starting a fitness program can be intimidating and overwhelming.  For this reason it is recommended that every person starting a fitness program work with a coach/personal trainer to gain the knowledge and education necessary to be successful.  Whether it is frequent meeting with a fitness professional or a few sessions just to get you started, a little education can go a long way!

Mike Hildebrandt, Axiom Fitness Director

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