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What’s your life fitness start line story?

, by Anne Audain

I have often stood at the door ready to speak to an audience and overheard the question, “why are we listening to a skinny runner?"

My opening remarks are, “Forget that I am an Olympian. The only difference between us is that I inherited a genetic gift. To realize that talent I needed the same components that all of you need on a daily basis in work, health and fitness. Patience, perseverance and a positive attitude."

My “Life Fitness Starting Line” was at age 13 years.

I had just had reconstructive surgery on both feet to alleviate awful pain and hopefully improve my gait to help me walk better. I was heading into the unknown just like anyone beginning a fitness regime. After a year of rehab I told my parents I wanted to join a running club just to be like all the neighborhood kids and my schoolmates.

I received wonderful encouragement from my doctors, neighbors, clubmates and coaches. I firmly believe it takes a “village” to succeed and all these folks gave me a strong foundation. After 22 years at a world-class level, I am now 23 years back in the “real world” of work, family, travel and stress. The same components I needed as a competitive athlete I need now to keep me fit and motivated as I age. I still love to run and try to daily. I use running now to keep me “clean” in mind, body and spirit! You too can stand on your own Life Fitness Starting Line right now and find your “village” of support!

There are so many great running and walking groups to offer this kind of support, whether locally in your hometown or neighborhood, or online. A few I could recommend would include the Boise Galloway Training Group, Runners Connect and Boise Area Runners.

Find one that suits you and go for it!

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