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Weight Loss Motivation Piggy Bank

, by Weight Loss Challenge

A key part to reaching your weight loss goal is to reward yourself along the way and celebrate your successes. It’s important to not only reward yourself when you reach your final goal, but as you take steps to get there. A great way to do this is to create a “Weight Loss Motivation Piggy Bank”. Every time you exercise, add one dollar to your piggy bank, and use this money to reward yourself. For example let’s say you really want to treat yourself to a spa day, but it costs $100. Keep adding one dollar to your piggy bank every time you work out, and when you reach $100, treat yourself to that spa day, or whatever else you’re working towards! This may motivate you to work out more often to reach your goal faster, and can give you a visual to see how far you are from reaching that goal.

You can have a bunch of small rewards that won’t take as long to achieve such as $25 for a new shirt, or you can set your goal for something bigger such as a mini vacation with your family that may cost more money and therefore longer to reach. Find something that works for you and keeps you motivated for your journey. The important part is to stay motivated, and to celebrate your achievements towards reaching your goal!

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