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Race Day September 22, 2018

Healthy Living Expo September 20-21, 2018

Walk More. Fly Less

, by First Lady Lori Otter

Anyone else relate to this besides me? Yes, I know you are out there… Type A, successful, smart and... Exhausted. Keeping all the balls in the air for everyone – family, friends, kids, work and anyone else who is asking for a raised hand. Perhaps like Superman in this cartoon – some of us need a little more walking and a lot less flying. Although, I know the really type A sisters out there are now saying "if I only had a cape!" What I could accomplish! Stay with me… There is a message here…

More walking and less flying has more of a yogi meaning here. Stress, pace and the demands of everyday can really make a dent in your health. So it is not just about exercise. It is about how we prioritize our time so the things we do, have meaning and fulfill us as well as check a box on a task list to be completed.

So my challenge to you is to figure out how do you reevaluate your time so you can walk more and fly around a lot less.

Perhaps a few of these things can help:

  • PRIORITIZE and focus: I remember a phrase my grandfather always said, "if you are the Jack of all trades, you are the master of none.” He always said this when he saw us trying to do every sport and compete or try to do everything at once. I once asked him how he learned how to be such an amazing woodworker and craftsman... And he said it’s just a matter of time and effort... and focus on the skill. Is there something in your life that you want to improve or change? Where is your focus? Is it diluted by the other time grabbers that you really don't find inspiring or challenging? Are you sabotaging your own success? Focus your time and energy to earn a sense of fulfillment and a sense of accomplishment, rather than crossing things off a list.
  • Keep a DONE list: Speaking of to do lists… I bet you would be surprised if you kept a “done” list versus “to do” list – shocked most likely! It might just help you be a little kinder to that person in the mirror every morning, and a lot more willing to give that person a break or some time each day to pursue your goals.
  • Say NO. Okay here's where it gets hard… It doesn't make you a bad person! (Yes, you may have to physically sit on your hands at first – I can personally attest to that.) You are a person committed to slowing down and walking – even strolling – so you can enjoy the things that are important to you in your life. I don't mean never raise that hand again to help, but when you do raise it – understand why you are raising it. What is your motivation? Is it acceptance? Approval? Appearance? Or truly a desire to serve and help? The more we can evaluate our decision making, the more we can bring value into our lives and become what we choose to be not just what life throws at us.

So if you find you are just flying around and not making time to walk and enjoy the journey, and those people and experiences you value... Know your health and your happiness can be compromised. Instead, make an effort to take conscious walking steps in your daily life, and it is possible to wake up rested and refreshed.

Put down the cape and try the slow lane, your body will thank you… and you will realize the importance of living the life you choose instead of a life someone thinks YOU should lead. It is my hope that you will then feel like going for a walk… or a run, or bike… Whatever YOU choose. We are mere mortals while the supernatural Superman continues to save the day... Superman really must be exhausted!


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