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The Power of Daily Routine

, by Heather Hill

Does your daily routine propel you forward or hold you back? Do you have a daily routine? We all juggle a lot of balls on a daily basis, but understanding the power of how far a routine can take you is eye opening.

Last month I made a commitment to share one helpful lesson each month over the next year, and I hope this journey is able to inspire even one more person to live their best life as well.

I started with my 'cocoons' at home and at work, and created those spaces to be conducive to what I will achieve moving forward in my life. Where I was struggling, and where many of us do, is in 'finding the time' to take care of ourselves. Bingo! The bottom line is that successful people have successful routines, and they design these routines to speak to their specific goals – they are not finding time – they are making time.

And it doesn’t have to be complicated. The proven theory is simple. It is not what you do some of the time, it is what you do MOST of the time that molds you. Mold your daily habits to mold your life.

It seems so simple that as grown adults we should be able to do this effectively. But if you think about it, we are often what I would equate to being a leaf blowing in the wind – without consistency to achieve our goals or perhaps with fear of stepping outside of what has become comfortable.

We are all creatures of habit. Every day we make choices. We can only be as good as our habits and our choices that we make. For one, I found that the inconsistency of exercising some days in the morning, some days after work, or trying to exercise during lunch, was just one example of how my priorities were one-by-one getting pushed aside. So I started with a daily morning routine – this is my opportunity to seize the day!

My morning routine inspires me to attack each day with a positive attitude. It sets the tone, and I own that time to make the most of it. Here is an outline of my morning routine as an example:

  1. Wake up consistently between 5:15 and 5:45 a.m.
  2. Make myself a cup of coffee (because that is my creature comfort in the morning)
  3. Review my short term and long term goals that I’ve put in writing, and jot down a few notes on successes, challenges and opportunities.
  4. Write down one thing that I’m grateful for and if I’ve come across an inspirational photo, quote or image, I post it on my “vision board” above my desk.
  5. Exercise: 2 days a week at the gym in a group class, 3 days a week I take a walk around the neighborhood, and a bonus would be a nice hike with a friend on the weekend.
  6. Eat a bowl of fresh fruit for breakfast.
  7. Shower, dressed and out the door, without feeling rushed and ready to conquer the day.

I challenge you to create YOUR daily routine – one that speaks to you and ignites that fire inside of YOU!

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