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Race Day September 22, 2018

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The Benefits of Cross Training

, by Forrest Pecha, St Luke's Sports Medicine

Whether you are walking, jogging, or running, our goal is to keep your training effective and for you to participate without injury. And that's important, because runners and joggers tend to have a higher incidence of overuse injuries when compared to athletes in other sports. Overuse injuries can be caused by training errors such as using the same set muscles repeatedly (i.e. doing too much of one activity), going too long, or training at too high of an intensity; and by technique errors such as improper form or overloading muscles due to fatigue. 

A great way to help reduce the risk of overuse injuries is to cross train — implement a variety of training types. There are many muscles in your body that work toward the desired activity. To get the best results for any activity, and to do it safely, you should train muscles and perform movements that will support total body development. Varying the types of cardiovascular exercises you perform (swimming, cycling, etc.) is important to both challenge your lungs and muscles in a different way than running.

Core stability exercises play an important role to help stabilize your trunk, and lower extremity strengthening will help increase muscle strength and stability around your joints. One can go to the gym for higher-intensity resistance training, but simple body-weight exercises such as squats, lunges and core training can help to improve your fitness, keep you running strong and reduce the risk of overuse injuries.   

I hope everyone is getting geared up and ready for their event during FitOne! 

Forrest Pecha MS, ATC, LAT, OTC, CSCS

Director of Clinical Residency and Outreach, St Luke's Sports Medicine

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