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The Importance of Good Shoes for the Whole Family

, by fitone

How many of you have considered how important good shoes are for you and your children?  Did you know that children need the same treatment as adults when it comes to finding good running/walking shoes for them?  We want kids to run safely and comfortably.  When you visit Shu's Idaho Running Company, we will put the kids through our 3D Fit Print program, analyze and try a variety of shoes that will fit what their feet are doing when they are in motion.  As kids grow, their foot shape and needs can change just like an adults can. Changes can also happen from growing, injuries or even running form changes. It's fun to stop by and have your feet and shoes checker periodically.   The "Shoe Principles" adults go by and good principles for kids as well. Check them out:

1.Go shoe shopping in the late afternoon or early evening, visiting (if possible) a specialty retailer whose salespeople are experienced runners with expertise in the area of running shoes.

2.Buy the shoes that feel the best on your feet and offer the features you want.

3.Keep your shoes clean and dry after purchasing them, but don’t toss them in the washing machine, where strong laundry detergents can affect the shoes’ glue. Brush or wash your shoes clean by hand and dry them with a small fan or heat source whenever they get wet.

4.Keep track of how many miles you run in each pair of shoes. You’ll need new shoes after about 500 miles.

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