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Maximize Your Calorie Burn

, by Mike Hildebrandt, Axiom Fitness

The lifestyle choices that we make, coupled with exercise, will be valuable in maximizing the amount of calories we burn on a daily basis.  Calorie burn has the potential to make a big difference in a fitness program and this is why movement/exercise is one pillar of fitness.

This pillar is broken down into two categories for a good reason!  Most of us have the need to exercise because our daily movement no longer meets our calorie expenditure goal as it relates to our daily calorie intake.  There was once a point where most professions required manual labor which meant there was no need for formal exercise.  Now, the tables have been turned and most professions require a primarily sedentary environment.  Individuals should use exercise wisely to maximize calorie burn by working smarter, not longer.  That being said, keep in mind that our daily movement outside of the gym will likely determine our success at burning more calories than we are consuming.  It is recommended to use an activity tracker and set a basic goal to take 10,000 steps per day.  Those who are trying to lose weight should aim for 60-90 minutes of moderate to intense physical activity on most days of the week.

In regards to formal exercise, it is always important to find a plan that is specific to your needs.  It is vital to understand that everybody is different and some people need to start with very basic exercises and use structure to advance to more complicated movements.  In general, a combination of full body resistance training and cardiovascular exercise is ideal for best results.  Make sure that you feel comfortable, confident and safe as you begin your exercise program so that you can accelerate your results and reduce your risk of injury.

Mike Hildebrandt, Axiom Fitness Director

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