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Making the Healthy Choice… again and again!

, by Weight Loss Challenge

What are the reasons you started your weight loss journey? To improve your health? For your family? To gain self-confidence? Whatever the reason or reasons you decided to start your journey, remember them. Write them down and say them to yourself in the mirror every morning and throughout the day.

Remember them because it’s easy to fall back into old routines. It’s easy to relax at home instead of going to the gym. It’s tempting to eat more of those cookies even though you already had one. And it’s convenient to stop by your favorite fast food restaurant after work instead of cooking dinner at home.  But there was a real reason you decided to lose weight and change your life! Whenever you are feeling discouraged, or when you can’t find the motivation to go outside for a jog—remember why you started. Everyone has had moments of weakness during a workout or while trying to follow a healthy meal plan. The trick is to remember those key reasons you started in the first place. 

Think about how good you’ll feel a few months from now when you’ve lost weight, and how happy you’ll be when you remember making healthy choices. The decisions you make now─good or bad─are short term. That extra bite of dessert will only last a few moments, and your work out will be over in an hour. But what lasts a lifetime? Being healthy, happy, and confident in yourself. You are far too smart and strong to be the only thing standing in your way!

Here are some other tips to help you stay motivated:

  • Focus on a feeling: Instead of focusing on the number on the scale, focus on how good you feel after a workout, or after eating a healthy meal. Think about the positive transformation you’re making every time you make a healthy choice. Remember that your weight is just a number, and although it can be a great way to track your progress, you shouldn’t let it define you.
  • Reward yourself half way: Instead of waiting to reward yourself at the end of your goal, reward yourself when you’re half way there. Treat yourself to a spa day or plan a weekend getaway! This way you’ll be less likely to throw in the towel at the mid-point marker, which is often when things can get tough.
  • Give yourself some tough love: Think about what your life will be like five, ten, or twenty years from now if you stay on your current path. Imagine how you’ll feel in the future knowing you didn’t make these changes when you should have. Be patient and realistic with your expectations, but recognize the importance of disciplining yourself to maintain healthy habits.
  • Ditch the daily weigh-ins: Weighing yourself over time is a great way to track your progress and keep yourself motivated when you see the number on the scale decrease. But stay away from daily weigh-ins. Your weight won’t change significantly day-to-day, which can be discouraging. Instead, weigh yourself at most once a week to get a realistic idea of where you’re going.

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