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Kids - Unplug & Stay Healthy Over the Winter

, by Matt Wiggins, One Stone

Hi, my name is Matt Wiggins, and I am a Junior at Timberline High School. Over the past six months, I have been working with other One Stone teens from around the Treasure Valley to create a project that addresses two issues in our community: a large amount of youth who own smart-phones (and use them too much), and the possible connection to the very high obesity rate among children. The project we designed is called Outlet, a free day of education and play for all kids in the community. Outlet will help to teach kids how they can “unplug” and stay healthy over the long, cold winter. Kids will get to spend the day with our team of high school students, who are very excited for the project. Working with high school students will give the kids someone to relate to, rather than just the standard “adult teacher.” It will also be much more fun and engaging for kids. This is an exciting opportunity for both the One Stone team and Kids Club members alike. We look forward to seeing your kids!

One Stone is a student-run, student-led nonprofit organization serving the Treasure Valley with the mission to make students better leaders and the better place. At One Stone we start projects based on statistics from the community. We noticed the technology use issue in the Valley, and set out to find a way to help create change and solve the problem. As a team, we came together and designed a program that will help to solve the issue, Outlet


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