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Keeping it Fun, Active & Healthy with the FAMILY

, by Kristin Armstrong

Kristin Armstrong shares some of her favorite ways to keep it fun, active and healthy with her family:

As a mom, I feel responsible for setting a good example for my family by keeping active and eating healthy all while keeping it fun. I look at my family as my TEAM – “Together Everyone Achieves More”.  It’s true, having support from one another whether it is taking a walk after dinner or preparing a healthy meal together makes living a healthy life fun all while improving relationships with your family. 

Sometimes I overthink what an activity should look like – play dates, travel, and organized activity. I also get overwhelmed when I am trying to fit more and more in an already busy schedule. I wanted to share some of my favorite family activities and healthy habits with you that are easy, fun and outside!

Our little adventures - swimming at our local community pools, biking on the greenbelt, picnic at the park, Movies Under the Stars and of course I can’t forget visiting our friends at Zoo Boise.

After dinnertime – we like to head out after dinner for a family walk around the neighborhood.  A lot of times we recruit our neighboring families to join us.  During our walks, we collect rocks, sticks and of course are always on the look out for wildlife walking through our neighborhood.  There are those evenings that we make it for the big 3-mile loop and then there are those evenings that exploration in the dirt and our neighborhood playground cause interference.  The goal is that we are out and active together as a family.

Organized sports – soccer, swimming, gymnastics you name it and we will give it a go, all in moderation.  We love watching our son interact and play with other kids. Learning to share and playing by the rules are great life lessons learned all while having fun and being active!

Free play – this is where we let him “call the shots”.  Our only rule is “no technology” for any of us and of course he can’t scare mom or dad.  Blowing bubbles, running through the sprinkler, painting rocks, watering flowers, playing catch, planting seeds to grow carrots and basil, digging a hole for our tomato plants, chalk art in the driveway and sidewalks or just flying planes and racing cars. Free play is my all time favorite as I get to watch the creativity come out and it brings out the inner-kid in all of us!

Be creative, get outside and be unplugged!

Let this be your motto - Move For Fun Get Fit For Life.

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