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Idaho Dairy Council - Ice Cream

, by Jaclyn St. John, Idaho Dairy Council

Its official, summer is upon us! Warm weather is all about the frozen treats! Ice cream, iced lattes, frozen yogurt and the list goes on! Soft-serve ice cream cones win my heart every time. All these tasty options take the edge off a hot summer afternoon in the most delicious of ways!

July is National Ice Cream Month! Did you know ice-cream can be a part of a healthy, balanced diet? You probably think I’m pulling your leg, but everyone needs a treat now and again. The rule of thumb is moderation, and that means one delicious treat a week.

Here are a couple ways to eat ice-cream the healthy way!

    1.  Eat 1 scoop not 3! Cutting 2/3 of the calories.
     2. Layer your bowl with fresh fruit, chopped nuts and then a scoop of the good stuff.
     3. Fruit, ice cream and nuts with a glass of milk, makes a healthier milkshake for the family.
     4. Try making ice cream at home so you can control the sugar content.
     5. Try out fruity frozen yogurt!

Yum! Makes my mouth salivate just thinking about it! Enjoy ice cream month this July with your favorite cool treats!

Jaclyn St. John

Registered Dietitian

Health & Wellness Manager, Idaho Dairy Council



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