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How can I prevent common running injuries?

, by Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy

Running is a wonderful way to be active while exploring the world on foot. Although the list of running health benefits is extensive, the list of potential injuries can be long as well. Common sites of pain include the neck, shoulder, buttock, hip, knee, ankle, and foot. Here are some tips that all runners should follow to avoid injuries.

Every run should begin with a warm-up that includes a full body stretch, a brisk walk, and a slow jog before the real run starts. The next step is to focus on your running form. For optimal running you need to pay attention to your step rate, which should be around 180 steps per minute (or 30 steps on one foot within 20 seconds).  You also need to be careful of over-striding.  One way to prevent over-striding is to focus on landing on your mid-foot rather than your heels, and then quickly picking your feet back up.

If you are new to running, it is important to slowly increase your training distances in order to build up stamina and prevent over-use injuries. After the run, a cool-down is essential to prevent injury and stiffness. To stop, runners should slowly decrease running speeds before eventually transitioning to a brisk then slow walk. Runners should then take the time to perform a full body stretch routine, being sure to hold each position for 45-60 seconds. After running, it is normal to be sore 1-2 days, but if pain persists, it is wise to seek the advice of a physical therapist in order to evaluate for injury, adjust running form, find proper foot support, and offer advice as needed.

Each runner and each body is unique, and this is why at Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy, our physical therapists will take an individualized approach of care to reach each person’s full participation potential.

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