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Race Day September 22, 2018

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Hitting the Green Belt

, by Brenda Mee 107.9 LITE FM

Any time of year is a great time to walk, skate or bike on the 25-mile Boise River Green Belt. This community treasure gives you the opportunity to experience the beautiful tree-lined pathway that follows the river through the heart of the city. 

I love to bike on the Boise Greenbelt and have done so hundreds of times and every time I see or experience something new. I can monitor the change of seasons, and the animal and people watching is always unique. This is extremely important to me since I tend to get bored easily with exercise routines, particularly those that take place indoors. The Green Belt has become an important part of my ability to stay fit both physically and mentally because I find exercise, entertainment and relaxation that is ever changing there. It’s like a mini staycation!

If you've never experienced the Boise Greenbelt on foot, skates or bike you really need to add it to your fitness bucket list and check it out.

Click here for Boise Greenbelt Info

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