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Hiking in Boise: The Ridge to Rivers Trail System

, by Weight Loss Challenge

With the weather warming up, hiking is a great way to be active and enjoy the outdoors. One of the best parts of living in Boise is we have our local foothills that are filled with great trails called the Ridge to Rivers trail system. The Ridge to River trail system is filled with over 130 miles of hiking and biking trails, and makes it easy to get active and enjoy the outdoors—all while staying in the local area. One of the most popular trails, Table Rock Trail # 15, starts by the Idaho Penitentiary and brings you to Table Rock, with a beautiful view overlooking the city. Although this hike tends to be the most popular, there are TONS of different hiking trails available. You can pick up a Ridge to Rivers map at one of the following locations to find more trails:

Backcountry Pursuit, 671 S Capitol Blvd, Boise 429-1124
Bandanna Running, 121 N 5th, Boise 386-9017
Benchmark Adventures, 625 S Vista, Boise 338-1700
Bob's Bicycles, 6681 W Fairview Ave, Boise 322-8042
Boise City, Administration Office, 1104 Royal Blvd, Boise 608-7600
Boise City, Foothills Learning Center, 3188 Sunset Peak Rd, Boise 493-2530
Eastside Cycles, 3123 S Bown Way, Boise 344-3005
George's Cycles, 5515 W State St., Boise 853-1964
George's Cycles, 251 E Front St., Boise 343-3782
Idaho Blueprint, 619 Main St, Boise 344-7878
Idaho Mountain Touring, 1310 Main St, Boise 336-3854
Joy Ride Cycles, 1306 Alturas St, Boise 947-0017
Ken's Bicycles, 10470 W Overland Rd, Boise 376-9240
McU's Sports, 822 W Jefferson, Boise 342-7734
Outdoor Exchange, 1415 W Grove St, Boise 297-7002
Reed Cycles, 238 E State St, Eagle 938-7894
R.E.I., 8300 W Emerald St, Boise 322-1141
Shu's Idaho Running Company, 1758 W State St, Boise 344-6604
Sierra Trading Post, 530 E Sonata Ln, Meridian 898-0261
The North Face, 802 W Idaho St, Boise 331-9790
Treasure Valley Land Trust, 708 W Franklin St, Boise 345-1452
World Cycles, 1407 W State St, Boise 343-9130

Before you get started on your hike, read these tips to make sure you’re prepared!

  • Bring water: You’ll definitely break a sweat on these hikes, especially as the weather warms up so make sure to keep yourself hydrated!
  • Bring a healthy snack: If you’re going to be out for more than a couple of hours, bring a snack with you such as trail mix, apples, jerky, or granola bars. Check out last week’s Recipe Wednesday to find out how you can make homemade No-Bake Peanut Butter Granola Bars!
  • Protect yourself from the sun: There isn’t a lot of shade on these trails so make sure to wear sunscreen, and wear 100% UV protection sunglasses.
  • Know where you’re hiking: Make sure you research the trail you want to hike by using one of the maps, and watch out for muddy trails! If it rained a day or two before your hike, it may be a good idea to hold off for a day or two to avoid slippery trails!
  • Bring a first aid kit: It’s important to be prepared for any accidents that may occur on the hike, so bring a first aid kit as a precaution!
  • Wear the right shoes: Although hiking boots are the most ideal, running shoes will work just fine for these trails, just make sure they are sturdy and avoid any flats or sandals!
  • Have fun! The most important rule to hiking is to have fun! Enjoy the beautiful weather and fresh air. You can grab a buddy or spend some time alone to reflect on your weight loss journey!

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