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Fun Family Fitness

, by Weight Loss Challenge

Exercising with your family is great way to keep you and your family healthy, all while spending some fun quality time together! Here are some ideas to keep you and your family active, while still having fun!

Take your kids to the playground: Instead of sitting on the bench watching your kids, go play with them! You can push them on the swing set or swing across the monkey bars. Your kids will be having a blast and you’ll get some physical activity in.

Go for bike ride: Take advantage of the Boise Greenbelt and go on a family bike ride! This is great for kids at any age and you can even bring a healthy picnic with you. Just make sure to wear helmets!

Play games at a park: Head to one of the many parks here in Boise, and play games such as tag, Frisbee, soccer, or Simon Says!

Get active during commercial breaks: Sometimes it’s nice to relax at home with your family and watch TV. But next time try and stay active during the commercial breaks! You can even make it a competition to see who can do the most reps of exercises such as sit-ups, push-ups, jumping jacks and more!

Go on a hike: Hiking is a great way to get some physical activity in, while spending some time away from the craziness of everyday life! Check out last week’s Fitness Friday blog to see how you can hike here in the Treasure Valley!

Have a snowball fight: During the colder months when there’s snow, head to your backyard or a park for a family friendly snow ball fight!

Clean the house with music: Get the whole family involved to clean the house, and turn on some fun jams! You will have so much fun dancing around that you may even forget it’s a chore!

Go swimming: If you don’t have a pool in your yard or neighborhood head to one of these family friendly pools for some fun time splashing around with your family! Just call ahead to make sure they are open, the outdoor pools won’t open until June 2.

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