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Food Festivities

, by Weight Loss Challenge

The Fourth of July is just one in a series of food festivities throughout the summer. Food festivities usually mean a lot of people and a lot of food!  Research has shown that people eat more when they are in large groups of people. St. Luke's Registered Dietitian, Stacy Beeson, has some tips and strategies for navigating the buffet table at your next food festivity. 

      1. Be mindful. Try to involve all senses when you eat your food: sight, smell, sound, feel, taste as the meal will be more satisfying overall to you.
Bring a food to focus on, one specifically high in fiber (see the recipe for jazzed-up baked beans below).
Eat your food on your lap using a plate instead of walking around with food items.

FOOD GROUP STRATEGY: When faced with a table full of food, ask yourself what food group the item falls in. For instance, if you have chips or crackers at the beginning of the food table, ask yourself what food group they are in? Chips are made from corn, rice or potatoes so would be in the grain group (not the best choice for the grain group but still a member).  If you’ve spent one grain serving on chips, lighten up down the table on the potato salad, macaroni and corn bread.

SWAP STRATEGY: For grilled items, think beyond burgers and hot dogs into the land of frozen burger options like wild salmon burgers or vegetarian burgers. You could also try kebobs with peppers, onions and cherry tomatoes inserted in between the meat. Make other swaps such as having veggies in place of crackers to go with cheese and dips. Or bring some lovely, colorful, cut-up fruit. Try cherries, watermelon and cantaloupe!

SINGLE, SIMPLE DISH STRATEGYIf you are stumped on what to bring, make some jazzed-up baked beans. Grab a can of vegetarian baked beans, drain all the liquid off as they can still be high in sugar. Add 1 chopped pepper, 3 T chopped green onion, 1 T grainy mustard and ground pepper.


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