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Finding Time for Fitness.

, by Anne Audain

“I don’t have any time in my day!” Is the frequent excuse for not fitting fitness into our lives.

Sticking to a regular exercise schedule is not easy. It is difficult to stay motivated when being pulled in so many directions. Even though I have been a world class runner, I still negotiate with myself every morning about going out for my daily run.

Check out these 7 folks who made the choice to find time for fitness. It changed their lives. They are so inspiring!

I have been retired for 25 years and I know how important exercise is to my health and sanity but I still can come up with excuses to not go out the door. Weather is my most frequent excuse but I don’t like exercising indoors so it’s my choice to have to deal with snow, ice, heat and humidity.

I find if I don’t run in the morning I don’t run at all. If it means getting up 30 minutes earlier to exercise it is worth it. It makes me feel great through the rest of the day, both mentally and physically.

If the morning doesn’t work then the next best time is your lunch hour. Thirty minutes spent walking before eating lunch will raise your heart rate and your spirits. Keep a pair of walking shoes in view at your workplace and use them.

If this isn’t possible try all of these options:

  • Park further away from your destinations in parking lots or on city streets.
  • Take 10-minute brisk walking breaks throughout your day.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator. 
  • Walk laps around the sports fields when watching your kids play.
  • Find exercise “buddies”.
  • Exercise with family, friends, neighbors or coworkers.

You can all keep yourselves encouraged and motivated.

I prefer to run alone but my husband needs company. He has met the same friend at 6:00am on weekday mornings for over 30 years. When his buddy is out of town my husband doesn’t get up to run. He needs the commitment of meeting someone and he doesn’t like running with me!

If you have made it to the end of your day without any exercise then try taking a walk after dinner. It will burn off some calories and relax you before bedtime.

Walking, jogging and running are the simplest activities to fit into busy schedules but it’s important to choose activities you enjoy or you won’t stay interested. Remember anything that gets you moving counts. Remind yourself what a great favor you are doing for your health and how much better you feel.

Schedule exercise like you would schedule an important appointment. Documenting your progress also inspires continuation. Yes there are plenty of excuses to not find time for fitness but keep reminding yourselves of the alternatives, ill health and the lack of a good quality of life.


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