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Find Your Role as a Role Model

, by Anne Audain

Some of the most inspirational fitness role models are right amongst us on a daily basis.

When we watch the performances of all the champion athletes in the world we can only dream to perform like them! They have been genetically gifted and with very hard work and training they make it to the top and we are in awe. It is all relative though.

The people who get up in the dark, before work, to get in their workouts and return home to make their kids breakfast and get them off to school. The people who fit training for an upcoming event into their busy days of full-time jobs and family obligations.

The mother who comes in from a run in the rain beaming because she has done it after dragging herself out of bed in the early hours, is showing her child that exercise is not only important but also very rewarding.

When children see that exercise makes their parents happy there can be no better role models for them. 

When people see friends get through difficult personal times by using exercise they can get inspired to begin a fitness program too.

By sharing your enthusiasm and goals in the workplace you show others who are not yet exercisers the benefits of your activities even though there are successes and failures on the fitness path. The fact that you keep persevering with a smile on your face could inspire them to begin working out too.

People who workout don’t have any more hours in the day than the people who don’t. They just make the time. Try and partner with fellow workers at lunchtime for a brisk walk. Become a cheerleader for workplace fitness camaraderie.

As we near the week of the FitOne events here in Boise, consider someone who you think could benefit from being inspired by participating in the 5K for the first time. I remember talking to a woman in 1993 prior to the inaugural Women’s Fitness Celebration and trying to inspire her to participate in the 5K. I asked her how long she walked around the mall when she went and she said over an hour. I told her that is approximately how long it would take for her to walk the Celebration but that she could take as long as she wanted. I just wanted her to try. She did it, finishing last, but went out that day and purchased a treadmill. She came back the next year having lost over 100 pounds!

She became a fitness role model!


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