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Exercise with others to stay on track

, by FitOne

Would you say "I'll do it tomorrow," if you knew a friend or co-worker was waiting for you for thay day's workout?

Accountability can play a huge role in helping anyone meet and exceed their own goals - whether it be to walk their first 5K or run their first half marathon or marathon. The camaraderie and encouragement make it fun and create a positive social atmosphere as well.

We found this list of 5 reasons why having a workout partner can help you achieve your goals:

  1. The time goes by faster.
  2. You won't cancel a workout.
  3. You can coordinate busy schedules.
  4. You'll be bolstered by outside perspective.
  5. You can celebrate your successes.

Build your workout crew, set a goal, schedule your calendar and Move For Fun, Get Fit For Life!

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