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Crafty Motivation Jars

, by Weight Loss Challenge

If you’re a visual learner, then I have a great project for you. It’s called a Pounds to Go/Pounds Lost Jar! This is great for people who need something visual or hands-on to help them with their weight loss goal. The best part is—it’s easy! You can keep it simple and easy or tap into your inner artist and make it super crafty!

What you’ll need

  • Two jars
  • Marbles or rocks
  • A permanent marker
  • Any other decorations you want

Directions: Label one jar as “Pounds to Go,” and the second jar as “Pounds Lost.” You can simply write it directly on the jars, or create your own decorative label that’s tied to the jar as shown in the picture above. After that, you can decorate your jars as much or as little as you want! Next, count out as many marbles or rocks as the amount of pounds you want to lose. For example if your goal is to lose 50 pounds, then count out 50 marbles or rocks. Start by putting all of these marbles into the “Pounds to Go” jar. Weigh yourself once a week, and for every pound you lose, move one marble into the “Pounds Lost” jar!

This project will give you a visual representation of where you are in your journey. We especially like this idea because often times, you may not notice the weight you’re losing week to week. But losing that weight is something to be celebrated! Every time you move a marble into the “Pounds Lost” jar is something to be proud of, and can help keep up your motivation. If you’re ever feeling discouraged you can look at your jars to see how far you’ve come, and how far you need to go!

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