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Core Stability for Cyclists


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Core stability training for the cyclist? You bet!

As the spring progresses, those of us who prefer two wheels to two planks start thinking again of bicycling more outside. All of those hours on the trainer in the winter can drain the motivation of even the most ardent cyclist. So why not jump off the bike and prepare yourself for that first group ride or race by working on core strength?

At first core stability training for cycling may seem unnecessary. The powerhouses of cycling lie in the hip extensors (the gluteus maximus). Add in some efficiency training, enough hours in the saddle to improve the cardiovascular system, and some perseverance… and you might feel fully prepared.

Unfortunately this is not the case! Those powerhouses in your hips pull directly on the center of your body: the spine and core. In fact, the core is your foundation of movement and force while riding a bike. Research even shows that core stabilization training can improve your trunk endurance, increasing the time you can spend bent over the handlebars.

Need even more reasons to start working on planks and crunches? Consider the research that suggests your bike fit could be derailed by poor core stability. When elite cyclists were put through a routine that fatigued the core, researchers found that there was a significant increase in knee motion right to left. All the time and money spent achieving the perfect fit is negated as the core tires out – leading to potential ankle, knee, and hip pain.

Core stability training can directly benefit your cycling performance. However, training wisely could make the difference between beating your rival and wasting your time. Below are some exercises that can start you on the path to a stronger core and increased endurance. As always, start every new training routine slowly and consult a medical professional if you experience any severe pain when performing these activities.

Prone Plank

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Side Plank

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Therapy Ball Planks with March

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Boat Pose


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