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Commitment versus Interest

, by Heather Hill

Have you ever thought about the difference between interest and commitment? As I continue on my journey towards a healthier self, I realize each and every day what the true difference is, and why it is important to focus my energy in specific directions to drive specific results.

In my last blog post along this journey I emphasized the power of a daily routine, and what I’m finding is that when my daily routine supports what I am actually committed to (versus what I am simply interested in) – the steady progress and sustainable results shine through.

When you are interested in something (I’ll take travel writing in my case for example), you do it only when it’s convenient. I have been taking a travel writing class, and what I have found is that I struggle blocking and committing to the time to complete all of my assignments. I now know that this is not a commitment – it is an interest and it’s okay if my attention to it is more sporadic.

When you are committed to something (I’ll take getting stronger in my case for example), you accept no excuses, only results. For just over four months now I have been committed to my morning routine and to making my two to three strength training sessions per week.

I’ve increased my upper, lower and core body strength, lost 13 pounds and 6% body fat, and I feel like a new person! My new found strength gave me the confidence to jump back into a fun run with a friend, and I think the smile on my face says it all!

So while I have many interests and I always will because they feed my curiosity to learn, explore and try new things; I’ve learned the value and benefit of true commitment.

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