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Race Day September 22, 2018

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Celebrate Your Successes!

, by Lisa Gonser

It’s March, and we are into the Weight Loss Challenge for two months now.  Many of our participants are having great success.  But let’s talk about ‘success’ – what does that mean? Is it just the number on the scale?  Sure, it can be one measure, but that scale can’t tell us the entire story.   Maybe you haven’t lost a pound – or even gained a few.  But what if you are eating more fruits and vegetables?  What if you are choosing water over sugar-sweetened beverages?  What if you are starting to build an activity regime, where before you didn’t do anything?  Those important changes you have made might not be resulting in a big change on the scale – but they are BIG CHANGES that will impact your overall health.  Let’s celebrate those important successes and build on them! YOU ARE DOING IT!!  One woman emailed and shared she hadn’t lost any weight – but she had lost several inches.  That is a BIG SUCCESS!  Give yourself a pat on the back and congratulate yourself on the things are you doing well – and resist that urge to let those negative thoughts sneak in when that scale doesn’t move.  Small, consistent steps will get you down the path of good health. Take it one step at a time – and make sure you celebrate along the way! 

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