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Ask Dr. Mom

, by St. Luke's

Ask Dr. Mom.

St. Luke’s family medicine providers share their tips on keeping their families—and themselves—healthy in a busy world.

Dr. Nani Cabrera, Fruitland

How I keep my kids healthy: I send them outside.

How I de-stress: I send my kids outside.

Advice for moms: Be gentle with yourself. Ultimately, when we have more patience, we’re gentler with our own self-talk, we’re gentler with others, and we teach our children to be more gentle and respectful of themselves and others. 

How to make healthy changes: Most think as a doctor my expectation is that a person takes the healthy option every time...however that is not realistic. We all know areas of our lives which we may “do better.” And when we decide to make those changes it’s important to understand there will be times we do not live up to our own ideal. But the real fortitude of change is how we get back on track, making the better decision next time, how we move forward to the next hurdle instead of lamenting about tripping over the last. It’s okay to try again tomorrow.

How I boost my mental health: I try and remember what I tell my patients about getting another opportunity to do better tomorrow.…

Ask Dr. Mom will be an ongoing series of tips provided by St. Luke's family medicine providers.

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