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Small Realistic Goals Add Up To BIG Long Term Results

Beginning the journey to improve your life and health is an exciting endeavor! At the same time, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when thinking of your overall health or weight loss goals. Rather than setting one large goal, setting smaller, more attainable goals can help keep you stay motivated and on track.

Instead of setting outcome goals, consider setting process goals such as walking for 20 minutes every evening or eliminating the candy bowl from your office. Process goals are the key to making long-lasting behavior changes and will ultimately lead to your overall goal.

With so many popular fad diets boasting impossibly quick and extreme results, it’s easy to get distracted. Finding healthful strategies you can adopt for life will allow you to achieve your goals without any set back. Instead of thinking of a diet or exercise as something that is temporary, think of it as a healthy eating or exercise plan for life.

Setting a goal of losing just a small percentage of your body weight, 5-10% is a great place to start! Research suggests that modest weight loss can have huge impact on your health including lower blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol. Not to mention, looking and feeling better than ever!

Chelsea Schoenfelder MPH, RD, LD

Health & Wellness Manager

Idaho Dairy Council

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