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4 Tips To Beat The Heat

, by Kristin Armstrong

Summer is here and so is the HEAT – don’t let it slow you down! Walking outside in 100+ degree temperatures is difficult enough let alone heading out for a hike or a run. I made a promise to myself last January in freezing temperatures to never complain about the heat again. Don’t let the heat derail your routine and your goals – there are great ways to keep motivated during these long, hot yet beautiful summer days!

Hydrate your body – be sure to continually drink during the day. Keeping your body well hydrated is crucial for overall health and in particular during exercise. Keeping hydrated will help make your workout feel easier, will help you exercise longer, as well as help prevent cramping. I like to supplement my fluid intake through consuming more fruits and veggies during the summer months. In other words I like to “eat my water” – my favorite being watermelon which is comprised of 92% water.

Time of Day – choose a time of day when temperatures are cooler. Beat the heat and head out in the early morning or later in the evening when the temperatures have dropped significantly. Hiking to watch the sunrise or sunset is a great motivator as I feel that I have a destination and a reward in sight.

Clothing – Be sure to wear lightweight and loose clothing to help sweat evaporate quickly all while keeping you cooler. Avoid dark colored clothing, which can absorb the heat. Keep other areas of your body protected from the sun by wearing sunglasses, sun screen as well a hat when possible. Personally, I like to wear a cool wicking material rather than cotton. Wearing a hat keeps the sun exposure on my face to a minimum and my core body temp down.

Know Your Limits – be sure to know what your own ability is while exercising in the heat. If you need to take a break – take a break. If the duration of your workout is shorter than normal, that is okay – listen to your body. Heat illness can be serious, know your body, listen to your body and be aware of the signs and symptoms of heat illness. Pain, Fatigue, Dizziness, Tingling and Nausea – slow down. I am not one to say “truce” but when it comes to my long-term health it is always important that I don’t let the competitive side get the best of me.

Summertime is about getting outdoors, recreating and just being free with friends & family through activity. Keep motivated and continue your play – let your fun summer days lift your energy rather than bring it down. If you consider the four tips above, you will continue making huge strides towards your fitness goals all while enjoying plenty of healthy and safe outdoor fun.

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