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Race Day September 22, 2018

Healthy Living Expo September 20-21, 2018

10K and Half Marathon Pointers

, by Michelle Heart 103.5 KISS FM

Here are a few pointers to the people taking on the 10K or half marathon at FitOne this fall.

DO enjoy the adrenaline

...and the peaks and valleys of emotion that come with it. By the time you're 3/4 of the way through, you may actually cry when you see people cheering for you or handing you a cup of water at a hydration stop. I've been feeling great an entire a race, but the slightest inspirational thing I see is enough to drive me to tear up with gratitude.

DO NOT despair when thinking about how far away the finish line is

...instead, measure the distance in weird and entertaining ways. I count down miles in intervals like, "it's only the distance between the giraffe pen at the zoo and where you normally park at Municipal Park." Mind over matter people. Once you get past a 5K this strategy totally makes a difference in your sanity getting to the finish line.

DO end like a pro

...when the end is in sight, start sprinting like you’re being chased by a bear, or a last night’s disastrous date, whatever works for you. No one will ever know you did the sort of walk-jog-shuffle through the rest of the race. In my half and full marathons, I've tried this every time. It makes for some awesome race photos!

Of course, there are many more race pointers out there, but these are my best three. See you at FitOne on September 26th!

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