Move For Fun, Get Fit For Life.

Race Day September 22, 2018

Healthy Living Expo September 20-21, 2018

About Us

FitOne is the evolution of the 20-year Women's Fitness Celebration, founded by 3x Olympian and former World Record Holder, Anne Audain.

In December of 2001, St. Luke’s became the Presenting Sponsor of the Women’s Fitness Celebration. In 2013, and in collaboration with Anne, St. Luke’s identified an even greater opportunity for the event. Under the leadership of Kristin Armstrong, St. Luke’s Executive Director of Community Health, and Heather Hill, Event Director, the idea of FitOne was born. 

With FitOne, our mission is to build healthier communities through fun, active living.

Being fit is not a destination; it is a way of life, and through FitOne our vision is to inspire families to come to the starting line every September and encourage progressive steps in a healthy direction throughout the year.

FitOne is organized for the benefit of the participants, the community and the promotion of health and fitness; and will continue to evolve as a year-round platform providing resources and opportunities to support active, healthy living 365 days a year. 

Move For Fun, Get Fit For Life!